About Caterpillars...

Caterpillars Mildura is an indoor play centre and café aimed at keeping both the big and the little people happy. The centre is designed for children aged zero to five years of age. Parents can relax and chat knowing their kids will be having fun in a safe environment.
Caterpillars has different areas of play to ensure your toddler is having fun and burning off that excess energy! There are large play gyms for your little one to explore, filled with tunnels, slides and ball pits. Children also love to climb, roll and jump, therefore Caterpillars has an additional large designated 'soft fall' play area to ensure not only fun, but safety!
Role-play is  very important for a child's development. Caterpillars allows your little persons imagination to run wild within the different cubby house areas set up to imitate real life. A kitchen, nursery, supermarket and workshop area are sure to capture your child's attention and provide hours of entertainment.
At Caterpillars, babies are not forgotten! There is a designated area which focuses on relaxation and comfort for Mothers Groups with their new bubs. Couches and floor rugs allow for a comfortable environment for you to get down and play with
your baby.
Caterpillars Mildura also has a café which serves, not only the all important coffee, but a range of café style hot and cold food. The café also provides fun lunch options for the kids.
Some rules to consider:

 Your little person must be supervised by an
adult at all times.
• Shoes are not permitted on any of the play equipment at any time and socks are recommended

•  No outside food to be brought into the centre.
Baby food, bottles and water is permitted.